Real fuel consumption of JAC J2 (Yueyue) (generation J2 (Yueyue))

JAC J2 (Yueyue) car (J2 (Yueyue) generation) was produced from 2010 to n.v.. In total, J2 (Yueyue) generation J2 (Yueyue) models were produced for 2 years.

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Fuel consumption table JAC J2 (Yueyue) J2 (Yueyue)

This table shows the real fuel consumption for all modifications of the J2 (Yueyue) generation J2 (Yueyue) from the JAC manufacturer, produced from 2010 to n.v..

Model Modification Body In city On highway Average Tank volume Max speed
JAC J2 (Yueyue) J2 (Yueyue) (2010-n.v.) 1.0 MT (5ст.), 999 sm3 / 50 l.s. / DAK10A (915 kg) 5.3 l 35 l 150 km/chas

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