Real fuel consumption of Buick LaCrosse (generation I (North America))

Buick LaCrosse car (I (North America) generation) was produced from 2004 to 2009. In total, I (North America) generation LaCrosse models were produced for 3 years.

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Fuel consumption table Buick LaCrosse I (North America)

This table shows the real fuel consumption for all modifications of the I (North America) generation LaCrosse from the Buick manufacturer, produced from 2004 to 2009.

Model Modification Body In city On highway Average Tank volume Max speed
Buick LaCrosse I (North America) (2004-2007) 3.6 AT (4ст.), 3564 sm3 / 243 l.s. / (1620 kg) 12.4 l 8.4 l 10.6 l 66 l 220 km/chas
Buick LaCrosse I (North America) (2004-2009) 5.3 AT (4ст.), 5327 sm3 / 300 l.s. / 14.7 l 9.8 l 66 l 240 km/chas

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